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Kangla Films Manipur

Welcome to Kangla Films Manipur

We can help you film your documentary, commercial, music video or a Corporate Film. You can hire us as your production counterpart or simply hire individual services of our production coordinators, managers and fixers.

We will take care of all your needs such as: Budgeting, Research, Location Scout/ Recce, permits, local travel & accommodation for shooting / filming anywhere in Manipur in addition to arranging for the appropriate equipment with crew.

Our Service

Kangla Films is unrivalled in supplying high-end equipment, advice and support through a staff of knowledgeable professionals. We can help with decisions on the most suitable equipment for your needs and budget.

Our spacious test rooms are supported by a team of dedicated technicians who assist crew in preparing for the start of a shoot. While your production is under way we are always on call should you require assistance.

Our Equipment

Kangla Films Manipur offers a wide range of equipment, all maintained to the highest standard by internationally trained technicians.

We stock the latest in lighting, grips, digital and film products from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our aim is to meet the individual needs of any production with state of the art gear.